Towing Safety for Dustless Blasting Machines (VIDEO)

If you observe some simple safety rules and practices, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of accidents. Follow the instructions below and refer to the checklist before you leave any job site.



Download a printable version here!


Safety Checklist (Before you drive away)

☐ Trailer is evenly loaded.

☐ If carrying a pallet of media in the back, the water tank should always be filled to evenly distribute weight.

☐ Toolboxes are latched and secured.

☐ Compressor canopy is lowered and secured.

☐ Loose objects are secured down with ratchet straps.

☐ Fill funnel and accessories are put away.

☐ Hoses are coiled and secured.


Proper Trailer Hookup Procedures

  1. With the winding crank, lower the trailer onto the 2 5/16” ball hitch until the foot is just off the ground.
  2. Ensure the hitch is latched, and safety pin behind the collar is installed.
  3. On the foot, remove the pin, raise the drop foot, and pin it again at the highest setting.
  4. Retract foot the rest of the way with the winding crank.
  5. Hook up safety chains, crossing them to make a cradle.
  6. Pull emergency brake clip out of its box.
  7. Loop the emergency brake clip through the safety chain receiver.
  8. Run this wire through the safety pin on the hitch, to prevent slack from dragging on the ground.
  9. Plug the brake clip back into the its box.
  10. Plug in lights and make sure they work.


Download a printable version here!