Emptying the Blast Tank

Whether you are storing your machine for a while or switching from wet to dry blasting, you'll need to empty the tank.

If you will not be using your Dustless Blaster for an extended period of time, it is a good idea to empty it of water and media. If you leave wet material sitting in the blast pot for days, it will smell bad.

There are two ways to empty the pot. One way is to simply blast it out. You can remove the nozzle from the blast hose to speed this process up, but make sure to hold on tight! Without the nozzle there to restrict airflow, the recoil can be rather strong.

If there is still a lot of media and / or water in the machine and you don't want to waste diesel blasting it out, you may also remove the flange at the bottom of the blast pot's cone to let it all drain out.

1. Fully depressurize machine
2. Remove 2 bolts from bottom of machine
3. Remove 2 “ears” from bottom of machine
4. Remove air inlet jet (looks like a pilgrim hat)
5. Remove gasket
6. Push air inlet body and air hose out of the way
7. Flush out inside of equipment with water

Once media and water are out of machine, reverse procedure:
1. Put gasket on air inlet jet
2. Insert air inlet jet and gasket
3. Hold air inlet body up to bottom of machine
4. Use ears and bolts to re-secure casting