Quick Start Guide (VIDEO)

Here are the basic steps to begin blasting for the first time.

Here is the basic training to set up your Dustless Blaster.

  1. Close the air inlet valve and open the blowdown valve.
  2. Attach your blast hose to the machine and secure the safety pin.
  3. Attach the deadman switch hoses.
  4. Connect the hose from the compressor and secure the safety pin. 
  5. Open the blue overflow valve.
  6. Open the fill cap and insert the funnel.
  7. Add water until the overflow valve starts to leak. Close the overflow valve.
  8. Dump in the appropriate amount of media for your machine.
  9. Replace the fill cap and make sure it locks.
  10. Close the blow down valve and open the air inlet valve.

To Blast:

  1. With your machine pressurized, unlock the abrasive control lever.
  2. Depress the deadman switch to blast.

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