CHART: What air pressure is needed for RPB® Nova 3® PPE?

Air pressure ranges needed to provide the RPB® Nova 3® with the volume of air that falls within the required range of 6-15cfm or 170-425 lts/min according to U.S. government regulations.

RPB® Nova3® Air Pressure Needed

Make sure you understand the Breathing Air Pressure table before using this respirator. 

  1. Use the correct air source. Do not use an ambient air pump, as it does not supply enough pressure (column 1). 
  2. Confirm the part number of the air supply hose you are using (column 2) and the flow control device (column 3) you are using. 
  3. Check your RPB® Safety Air Supply Hose is within the correct length (column 4) and the correct number of hose sections (column 5). 
  4. Set the air pressure at the point of attachment within the range specified (column 6). 
  5. Make sure air is flowing through your respirator when setting the air pressure. 
Download the RPB Safety Guide