Replacing Dry Blast Wear Items (VIDEO)

During dry blasting, certain parts incur wear faster versus wet blasting. Here's how to replace them.

Dry Blast Wear Items

Your wear interval may vary based on your abrasive choice, weather conditions, and many other factors. 

There are four main components that you should routinely check. They are: 

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You’ll also be checking some gaskets and seals as you go, which are also available in the store.

1.) Air Inlet Nozzle

Accessing Air Inlet Nozzle

  • Undo the air inlet body lug bolts with a ¾ inch socket or wrench.
  • Remove the two inlet lugs that look like wings.
  • Remove the air inlet body, air inlet nozzle and inlet gasket. Be careful not to lose the gasket.
  • Inspect the air inlet nozzle and gasket for any wear or deformation and replace as needed.

This is what a good one should look like:

air inlet nozzle good example

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Redo the above sequence in reverse to reassemble.

2.) Outlet Elbow Insert

Accessing the Outlet Elbow Insert

  • Lock down the abrasive handle.
  • Remove all four of the outlet elbow cap bolts with a ½ inch socket or wrench.
  • Removing this cap reveals both the cap gasket as and the insert gasket. Remove them to access to the outlet elbow insert.
  • Use a screwdriver to help lift out the outlet elbow insert. 
  • Inspect the outlet elbow insert to see if it needs to be replaced. Check the other gaskets as well.

How to tell if outlet elbow insert needs replacement

A tell tale sign that your outlet elbow insert needs replacement is if you notice anything resembling a ninety degree angle on the elbow. The elbow is supposed to have a smooth curve allowing the the least resistance to the media as it flows out of the pot.

outlet elbow good vs bad

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3.) Elbow Adaptor

Accessing the Elbow Adaptor

  • Disconnect the pinch valve assembly by removing the two bolts under the pinch valve.
  • Remove the entire pinch valve assembly, and set it to the side.
  • Undo the two elbow adapter bolts.
  • Remove the metal bracket and elbow adapter.
  • Inspect and/or replace the elbow adapter and gasket.

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4.) Outlet Pipe

Accessing the Outlet Pipe

  • Unlock the abrasive lever.
  • Remove the two split pins from the abrasive lever yoke, and the two from the abrasive lever connecting link.
  • Remove the clevis pin from the rocker arm hinge yoke.
  • Remove the rocker arm connecting links.
  • Remove the entire rocker arm assembly and set it to the side.
  • Slowly twist, wiggle and pull straight up on the outlet pipe and outlet elbow body.

Once the down pipe is off to the side, you can now remove the the brass packing gland nut so you can check the main packing gland gasket, coupling gasket and the seal that is just below it.

Inspect the outlet pipe by looking either down through the outlet pipe to see if the inner diameter of the outlet pipe is worn, or inspect the outside of the outlet pipe to see if there are any abnormal holes, or other signs of wear.

outlet pipe needs replacement 2-1

outlet pipe needs replacement 1

Replacing the Outlet Pipe

If the pipe is needing to be replaced, you will need to separate the outlet pipe from the outlet elbow body:

  • Put the outlet pipe into a vice.
  • Insert a pipe or metal rod into the outlet elbow body for leverage.
  • Using the pipe, unscrew the elbow body counter clockwise to remove it from the outlet pipe.

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Once you have gone through all of the wear parts, gasket and seals, put it all back together in reverse order. You are now ready for many more hours of blasting.

If you have any other maintenance or parts questions, check out our Support page or call in and get in touch with one of our techs.