Essentials Checklist: What to bring with you on every job.

When heading out to a job site, you can never be too prepared.

By bringing these essentials on every job, you can solve (almost!) any issue that could arise.


Rust Inhibitor


Containment and Cleanup

Brooms and/or Power Broom

Leaf Blower (and fuel)

Tape (Blue Painter's Tape, Duct Tape, Gorilla Tape, Stucco Tape)

Plastic Sheets/Tarps

Trash Bags


Nova 3 Blast Respirator

Disposable Masks

Leather Gloves

High Visibility Jackets or Vests (Hi-vis cooling vest is available)

Hard Hats

Caution Tape

Safety Cones

Fire Extinguisher

First Aid Kit


Tool Kit

Angle Grinder (with various blades for bondo, grinding various surfaces, cutting, etc.)


Extension Cord

Spare Parts / Emergency Maintenance

Pinch Hoses

Deadman Switch Repair Kit

Parker Valve Repair Kit

Spare Parker Valve (Electric) (Pneumatic)

Blast Hose Extension / Electric Line Extension

Spare air line hose (if removing blast pot from trailer)

Spare Gaskets

Quick Tip: Find your local hose/hydraulic hose and parts place, because you might need them one day. Whether it's a radiator hose, hydraulic hose or blast hose, they are usually in stock and can make on site.


Business Cards

Trifold Brochures

Promotional Yard Signs


Garden Hose

Small Ladder

Grounding Wire/Chain

Battery Booster

Tow Rope

Roller Measure

Blue Shop Towels

Zip Ties


"If it can fit and you think you may need it...take it! Sucks going back to a job cause you forget something. You just never know what you'll need and we pride our selves on being 100% mobile and self sufficient."

— Patrick G., Mobile Business Owner


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