How We Use Google Ads to Get You Customers

Google is a powerful tool to reach thousands of potential customers in your area.

"If you're searching for something, product, service, etc where do you start? Most people I know start with Google. If you have a website, start with Google Ads."
— Victor F, Business Owner

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads allow you to create paid search ads that target potential customers in your area using specific keywords or search terms. This service ensures that your business is shown to the people who are most likely to become your customers.

The ads resemble regular search results, which means that people can easily identify them as relevant to their search, rather than irrelevant and unsolicited content.

What does a Google Ad look like?

A Google Ad looks very similar to a search result, but it's generally located in a favorable position of the page, such as at the very top. Here's a full explanation.

google search results vs paid placement

How we help.

The Dustless Blasting® Premium Online Presence™ already includes a 3-month, $1,100 value advertising campaign that we'll set up and manage for you. 

We set up the area(s) in which to display your ad, which includes your immediate area and/or surrounding areas you'd like to serve. 

Then, our advertising experts pick the keywords that perform best for you, as well as monitor and optimize your campaign over its lifetime. If you'd like to specifically target (or not target) a certain industry, we'll adjust your keywords to match. 

Sounds easy, but we know it isn't. We know your time is valuable, especially when launching a business. When you leave the advertising to us, you can stop worrying, and just focus on delivering exceptional service.

"With Google AdWords I was getting calls constantly."
— Frank K, Business Owner


What happens after 3 months?

After the initial 3-month advertising period has concluded, you can renew your ads at any time with an advertising renewal package.

You have the option of making a one-time payment for your choice of package or you can subscribe and save 10% with our ad subscription service with recurring billing payments each month. This is applicable for all advertising renewal packages.

What if I only have the Basic Online Presence™?

No problem! You can supplement the Basic Online Presence™ with any advertising renewal packages of your choice.

Who can use these marketing services? 

Whether you own a brand new or a used* mobile Dustless Blasting® unit, you have the opportunity to purchase an Online Presence Marketing Package. However, if you own a used unit, you need to fill out the equipment verification form before getting started with your online presence to help verify authenticity.

Ready to begin?

If you're ready to digitally promote your business to 100,000+ people,** learn more here!


*Equipment ownership will be verified with a serial number. 
**Reach is approximate and can depend on several factors such as your location and keywords.