Air Compressor Manuals, Parts and Tech Support

How to order filters and other replacement parts for your air compressor and who to contact if you need technical support.

Compressor User Manuals

DB500 Mobile S and DB500 Mobile XL

DB800 Mobile

DB800 Mobile Dual, DB1500 Mobile, and DB3000 Mobile


Compressor Maintenance Parts

Rotair Compressors

Rotair compressor maintenance parts can be ordered from the Dustless Blasting Online Parts Store, or by contacting Elgi Compressors at or (704) 523-4123.

APT Compressors

APT compressors can accept generic parts — see chart below.

APT Compressor Generic Part Numbers


Tech Support — Problems & Troubleshooting

Over the years, we have used different compressor makes in our Dustless Blasting mobile machines. Be sure to select the appropriate one from the list.

Rotair Compressors

Elgi Compressors Tech Support: or (704) 523-4123

Chicago Pneumatic

Tech Support: (800) 760-4049 (press option 2 For Tech Support, Then Option 1 For Air compressors)

APT Compressors

Tech Support: (800) 732-6762 (press option 2)

Parts: (714) 285-2828 (APT does not sell directly to the consumer, but they can refer you to their closest distributor)

Sullivan Palatek Compressors

Support: (219) 874-2497