Marketing Services FAQ (VIDEO)

Here are the answers to the 15 most common questions we get about our marketing materials and services, all in one place!

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Print Marketing Materials FAQ

Are print marketing materials included with the online presence package or digital advertising experience?

Print marketing materials and digital marketing materials are separate purchases. We believe you shouldn't have to purchase goods or services you don't want. By offering our marketing services separately, we give you the freedom to choose what marketing services you'd like from us.

How long do print marketing materials take to ship?

After receiving your order, we will start designing your custom-branded marketing materials. We will send you proofs beforehand to confirm all the information is correct. Once you give us your approval, we will upload the files to begin the printing process and enter your information to have the materials shipped to you. During this process, there are different stages the printing process will go through before it ships out. It typically takes between 5-7 business days for marketing materials to ship out. However, Quote Forms often will take a longer period of time to ship.

Can I pick up print marketing materials when I come to pick my machine up?

Unfortunately, no. We use a third-party printing service and have your items shipped directly to you. You can order your print marketing materials here:

Digital Marketing Services FAQ

How do I access my new business email account?

If you've purchased an online package with us before 2024, it's likely your business email is provided through webmail. You can visit the link provided to you in your setup checklist or enter your domain name followed by webmail (i.e., You will be redirected to a login page where you can enter the login credentials provided to you in your setup checklist.

However, if your online presence package has been purchased in December 2023 or later, your business email is likely provided through Microsoft Office 365. If so, follow the setup instructions you received in your personal email inbox.

How do I set up my new business email on my phone?

When your new email account is created, the first message in your inbox will be the mail client configuration settings for mobile devices. You can refer to this email when filling in the corresponding information in the field boxes of your mobile app of choice (Gmail, Apple Mail, etc.). If you need further assistance, please contact 713-352-3548.

If your email provider is Microsoft 365, setting this up will be simpler. Follow the instructions provided to you through your personal email or call the number above.

Why can't I log in to my Facebook business page?

The reason you may be experiencing issues with logging in to your Facebook is because your business page is actually connected to your personal Facebook account. When we create your Facebook business page we use the email address you provided us with for your personal Facebook account. So now all you have to do is log in to your personal Facebook account and navigate to your Pages. From there, you will be able to fully manage and control your business page! They are still completely separate pages- just under one login for your convenience!

How long will it take to have my new website up and running?

It typically takes us under two weeks to set up your online presence once you've submitted the required forms to us. We work with you on creating all the assets included in the package and once it is complete, we'll send you an email confirming your site is live along with instructions on how to log in to the website builder platform yourself.

If I built my own website can I still use your stock images?

No. We own the rights to all of our images and use them as part of assets for the online presence package. Our assets are only available to customers who have purchased an online presence marketing package.

Why is my website not working and why am I unable to log in to my email account?

We know how impactful your website can be and if it's not working properly then it can be frustrating. Sometimes, the web host servers may experience issues that can cause your website to be down or it can be caused by an expired SSL certificate. If you notice your website is down, please contact us at 713-352-3548 for technical assistance.

Why can’t I use “Dustless Blasting” in my business name?

Dustless Blasting® is a registered trademark of MMLJ, Inc. and cannot be used as part of your business name. Please review our business naming policy before registering your business name, designing your logo, or purchasing any marketing materials.

Google Ads Experience FAQs

Do you offer a platform-specific Advertising service?

Yes! We offer a new advertising service option where we’ll run Google ads for your blasting business to help your customers find you. We'll optimize your Google Ads so they're served to the most relevant searchers looking for your services.

There are three different options depending on your budget and desired ad spend: Standard, Premium, or Ultimate. These are subscription-based plans and you’ll be automatically charged every 30 days. Cancel or modify the package at any time for free. You can purchase one of our ad service packages on our online store.

On the other hand, if you only wish to advertise on Facebook & Instagram, we have an ad package for that too called our Meta Ads Experience.

Why can't I see my own ads when I google my blasting business?

It can take 24-48 hours for your ads to appear in Google search results. Google has to analyze and review the content of your ads to make sure they are eligible to serve. Once eligible, Google will serve the most relevant ads to each web visitor depending on the service(s) they’re looking for. Keep in mind that we will send you an ad campaign performance update once your ads are near completion.

Why have I stopped receiving calls from my Google ads?

If you start to notice a decline in calls from your ads it most likely means your ads have stopped running or your auto-payment failed to go through. Contact us at 713-352-3548 and we can help get this issue resolved for you.

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