Repairing the Red Head Deadman Switch (VIDEO)

Replace the toggle switch in your deadman switch if it has stopped working.

How to use the Red Head Repair Kit

Need to purchase this repair kit? It is available in the Dustless Blasting® Online Store.

  1. First, we will disassemble the red head to get the old switch out.
  2. Unscrew the red cap by twisting it counter clockwise three or four times.
  3. Remove the silicone inside the housing, while being careful not to damage the wires or contacts inside. You may need to re-connect them to the new twitch.
  4. Once you can access the terminal screws, unscrew and disconnect them.
  5. If your deadman’s electric line has a junction box a few feet down, then you’ll wire the included spare line into your new switch, and wire the other end into the junction box. However, most units won’t have a junction box.
  6. Remove the rubber boot from the toggle by unscrewing it. If it gives you trouble, try gripping it by the collar with some needle nosed pliers.
  7. Push on the exposed toggle to get it out, or pull it out with pliers. Put it aside so you don’t confuse it with your new one. Clean any leftover silicone out of the housing, and make sure the electric line contacts are free from silicone. Now you’re ready to wire in the new switch.
  8. With the groove facing down, slide the new switch into place.
  9. The terminals are numbered 1, 2 and 3 from top to bottom.
  10. Install the jumper on Terminal 1, and tighten it down. Now connect the white lead to terminal 2, and tighten it down as well. Connect the other end of the jumper and the black wire to terminal 3, and lock those down.
  11. Put the rubber boot onto your toggle, and screw it down onto the exposed threads, but don’t tighten it too hard.
  12. Before sealing with silicone, make sure your new switch is going to work. Use a multimeter or simple continuity checker to make sure there is continuity only when the toggle is engaged.
  13. If your test was successful, cover all three terminals with silicone. Apply a small amount of silicone to the inner threads of the red cap, then rotate it down about 3 turns. Don’t over tighten, as the silicone will lubricate the threads and cause them to jump. Once the silicone hardens you’ll have a water and dust proof atmosphere for your switch.

Need to purchase this repair kit? It is available in the Dustless Blasting® Online Store.