Where to Buy Media / Abrasive Locally

If you're not in Texas, you might be able to save on shipping costs by purchasing media at a local vendor.

For a great all-purpose abrasive, we recommend 40/70 mesh recycled glass. It will work for just about any application, and is usually cheap and readily available.

Purchase Online

We sell the recycled glass for $10 per 50 lb bag on 40-bag pallets in the Online Store.

Find a Local Vendor

You can try following these links to find Black Beauty and Tru Abrasives' closest distributor:
Northern Tool usually carries it and if they don't stock it, you can speak to a manager and let them know that you'll be purchasing consistently. Another option would be to do an internet search for "Recycled Glass in (insert city and state here)".
Please click here for more information on suggested abrasives.