Ergonomic Blasting Hacks

Reduce back pain and make blasting easier.

Watch Jeff and Jacob talk about ways to make blasting easier and more comfortable.

Use a Rolling Stool

Stop bending over and simply sit on a rolling stool while you blast. 

james martin stool still

Rolling Dolly Hack for Line Stripe Removal

One of our clever contractors attached his blast hose to a rolling dolly, making ground blasting much easier. Of course, you'll have to take the deadman switch and move it higher on the hose, but this extra effort is probably worth it. It saves a lot of back strain, and keep you from bending over so much, especially on big jobs. 

Support Weight on a Lift

Since most of the blast hose is typically supported by the ground, you may not realize how heavy it's going to be when you're working up high in the air.

Save yourself some trouble and tie the blast hose to your lift or basket. That way, it's supporting the weight, not you. Be sure to leave enough slack to be able to move around. 

blasting up high on a lift-1