Fill Cap Gasket Maintenance (VIDEO)

If your fill cap is leaking air, or is hard to put on and/or take off, follow these maintenance steps.

Fill Cap Gasket

If you start to notice your fill cap is leaking a small amount of air, or it has become hard to put on and/or take off, your fill cap gasket could need to be cleaned.

This gasket helps create an airtight seal to hold in all that pressurized water and media during blasting. After several hours of blasting this gasket could potentially built up tiny bits of debris causing a less than perfect seal.


  1. If you notice any obstructions or debris on the gasket itself, take a damp rag and wipe down the outside of the gasket.
  2. With compressed air blow off the external surface as well as internal cavity through the small air hole. This will thoroughly clean out any remaining media or debris.
  3. Wash off the pot's fill rim, and if needed, use an abrasive pad to smooth the surface. Keeping both of these surfaces clean will ensure a good seal, and prevents air from leaking out.


If the gasket looks a little worse for wear, you can always find replacement parts in our store.

DB150 Fill Cap Gasket Replacement

DB225 Fill Cap Gasket Replacement

DB500/DB800 Fill Cap Gasket Replacement

Occasional maintenance checks can go a long way to making sure your blast pot last a lifetime.