How much Rust Inhibitor should I use?

The ratio of water and rust inhibitor to use when Dustless Blasting.

Rust Inhibitor

Dustless Blasting is an amazing process which is faster, cleaner, and more economical than traditional dry abrasive blasting. The water in the Dustless process can promote rust, but we can easily prevent this by using the Dustless Blasting Rust Inhibitor.

Not only does proper use of the Rust Inhibitor prevent oxidation, but it also leaves a perfect paint or primer ready surface. Rust Inhibitor does what it does not by coating the metal with a rust proof barrier, but by completely removing chlorides from the metal. As long as you don't recontaminate the metal you'll be rust free for up to 72 hours.

How to Use

Rust inhibitor needs to be mixed with the blast water in a 1/100 ratio, which is about 7 oz for every 5 gallons.

This prevents chlorides from being embedded into the metal during blasting, but after blasting is complete you still need to give it a final rinse. We like to use a fertilizer sprayer that screws onto a water hose and measures out the selected amount of rust inhibitor per gallon.


Refer to the chart below to find out how much rust inhibitor you should use with one of our products.

rust inhibitor chart