How to Adjust Your Quote to Land More Jobs

If a customer is hesitant on your pricing, here's how you can find wiggle room in your bid, without short-changing yourself.

Know Your Worth

One of the great things about a Dustless Blasting business is that financially, it’s often good for everyone involved. Since restoring is usually much cheaper than replacing, your customer can ultimately save money, even while paying you.

But what happens if your potential customer doesn't see the value, and pushes back on your bid? The last thing you want to do is short change yourself, so you can’t just lower your bid, what do you do?

Remember, you're offering a specialized, premium service. That has value, and you have costs.

But there are some things you can be flexible on if you need to make your bid more agreeable to the customer. 

Surface Cleanliness Level

Most of our footage shows a white metal finish, but that’s not always necessary.

If you’re blasting a dumpster or a truck frame, you probably only need a commercial blast, where most paint and rust is removed but some tightly adhering primer or paint stays.

This blast will go a bit faster, and the time and abrasive you save may help you make that bid more appealing to your customer. Just remember it’s best to blast a test area to get a more accurate estimate of how long it’ll take.

If you’re not familiar with the standard levels of surface cleanliness, you can see plenty of examples here.

main levels of surface prep cover mockup

Masking & Cleanup

On most blasting jobs, there’s some setup to do before the blasting, and some cleanup to do afterwards. If your customer needs a lower price, he may be willing to do some of that prep work or cleanup for you.

For example; he may be willing to mask off the delicate areas of his project. Or he might set up abrasive containment and dispose of it for you afterwards. Just make sure you’re both on the same page about what he’s doing, and that he knows the proper ways to do it.

We hope these ideas will help you win more bids while still making plenty of money.

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