RPB Nova 3®: First-Time Setup (VIDEO)

Learn how to properly set up and use the Nova 3 with your Dustless Blasting mobile machine.

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The Nova 3 Comfort System is awesome for keeping you safe, cool, clean and comfortable while blasting. The video above shows you how to set it up properly.

Please read and follow all of RPB’s instructions carefully. This is an overview, and there is other important information within the RPB literature.

The first step is to assemble each part, following the RPB instructions carefully. Once assembled we’ll connect it all.

Connecting the Parts

The kit in our store includes the hood, the cape, the filter, the climate control module, extra lenses, and the hose you need to connect it all to your Mobile’s compressor.

  1. Connect the black air hose to the two lug connector on the moisture trap, making sure to insert the safety pin. Connect the other end to the RADEX.
  2. Attach the green airline’s quick connector to one of the outputs on top of the RADEX filter.
  3. Screw the climate control device into the helmet’s air tube, then connect the green airline to the climate control device.

RPB recommends using an active gas monitor to ensure there is no carbon monoxide in the supplied air. This mounts to the RADEX and connects to the remaining open port, and you can find it in our online store.

Pressurizing the System

Now that everything is hooked up, it’s time to send air to the hood. First, it’s a good idea to turn on your mobile machine's fan and crack open the moisture trap.This will remove some of the water and heat from the compressed air, making the RADEX’s job easier.

  1. Slowly open the accessory valve on the Moisture Tank to send air to the blast hood, but don’t open it all the way.
  2. The RADEX should operate within a specific pressure range. With the equipment included in our kit, and one 50ft airline, that range should be 55 to 85 PSI.
  3. Adjust the regulator so that it’s between those values. Once it’s set, you want to choke the auxiliary valve down slowly, when you start to see the pressure drop at all, stop.
  4. If the pressure won’t go up enough, open the Auxiliary valve slightly more.
  5. If the RADEX’s relief valve starts purging air, it means you’re letting in too much. Close the ball valve until the relief stops hissing.
  6. Make sure the helmet has airflow, and adjust the climate device to the desired cooling or heating level.
  7. Now you can put on the hood, and use the strap to secure the climate control device around your waist.

To reduce the chances of carbon monoxide in the compressed air, make sure your compressor is always out in the open, or in a well ventilated area. If not, the compressor may intake its own exhaust fumes.

Drain Moisture Daily

The RADEX filter has a drain at the bottom. This should be opened at least daily to drain the moisture.

Replace Filter Cartridge

With 40 hours of weekly use, it is recommended to replace the cartridge every 3 months. Replace if you detect any smells, tastes or moisture in the air.

Purchase a replacement cartridge here.

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Looking for the instruction manual or instructional videos?

Click here to view instruction manual and videos from the Nova 3 manufacturer, RPB Safety.