Premium Online Presence

Confused about how to set up a website, social media, and ads? We can help.

Premium Online Presence FINAL


  • Choose your own domain name (e.g.
  • We populate your website with your contact information, social media links, the areas you service, etc. 
  • As a mobile business owner, you don't have a storefront. Think of your website as your storefront — having a professional website makes a great impression. 
  • See Example Website Here.

Adding Photos

  • Send us your own photos any time and we'll add them to your site (Upload Here). 
  • Showing examples of your work lends credibility to your business and makes potential customers more likely to trust you. 


  • We create up to 5 business email addresses for you (e.g.
  • Another way to give your business a professional, trustworthy appearance.

Social Media

  • We set up Instagram and Facebook business profiles for you. 
  • This is another great place to share photos and videos. No special equipment is needed, just use your cell phone to snap pictures and easily post.
  • You'll have access to these accounts forever, and can post whatever you'd like. In addition, we'll post for you once a week for a year (See Example Posts).
  • Potential customers will like that you're active on social media. Read tips on how to get the most from your social media profiles


  • We run video ads on Facebook and Instagram to target your customers.
  • We run Google ads for you too. They look like search results, but are boosted to the top of the page. Read more details about Google Ads here.
  • Google ads are based on keywords, such as "Dustless Blasting near me" or "best way to strip paint from a tractor." 
  • A 3-month, $1500 value campaign included in the cost of the Premium Online Presence.

Advertising Renewal

  • If you want to renew your ads when they expire, we have 3 renewal packages available.
  • It's not a subscription, and you can allow them to lapse in between. 
Advertising Renewal or Add-On Packages
  pkg-badge-bronze pkg-badge-silver pkg-badge-gold
  Bronze Silver Gold
Cost* $250 $500 $1500
Length 30 days 60 days 90 days
Estimated Reach** Up to 20,000 people Up to 40,000 people Up to 170,000 people
Purchasing Contact us to purchase Contact us to purchase Exclusively available with the Premium Online Presence

*30% of the cost goes towards our time and management of your ads. The remaining 70% goes directly to advertising spending across Facebook, Instagram (if applicable), and Google Ads.

**With the number of variables (location, time, keywords, etc) please keep in mind all metrics are only an estimate.

Preferred Contractor Status

  • We refer jobs to you when people contact us looking for blasting services. 

Time Savings

  • Your time is valuable, especially when starting a business. 
  • You don't have to learn to code a website, develop a business plan, or research the most effective keywords you should be using when we've already done it for you. 

Want to Get Started?

Contact Corina Lopez at 281-819-3427 or to get started.