RPB Nova 3®: Maintenance (VIDEO)

Your breathing air is crucial. Proper maintenance on your Nova 3 system is an important safety measure.

The Nova 3® respirator, when properly fitted and used with all required components, is a NIOSH approved Type CE respirator with an assigned protection factor of 1000. As such, it significantly reduces the breathing of contaminates by the respirator wearer. Routine maintenance helps ensure that you always have a clean, safe breathing air supply. 

Replace the Filter Cartridge 

The Radex Airline Filter cartridge should be inspected weekly or more often depending on usage and the conditions of the air system in which the filter is installed. The filter cartridge should be replaced after a period of 3 months, based on a 40 hour week of typical usage. 

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The filter cartridge must be replaced immediately if the following exist: 

  1. The presence of odor or tastes in the air being supplied to the respirator
  2. Presence of moisture at the outlet fittings
  3. Large pressure drop of 10psi or more across the filter


How to Replace the Radex Airline Filter Cartridge Video

For full details, please see the Radex Airline Filter Instruction Manual.

Purchase replacement filter cartridges here.

Drain Moisture

Water will accumulate in the filter tank. Drain it daily by opening the ball valve. In very humid environments, or if there is large amounts of water in the air supply, it is recommended to leave the ball valve partially open to bleed the moisture. 


For full details, please see the Radex Airline Filter Instruction Manual.

Only Use Breathing Air Supply Hoses

Breathing air supply hose is not interchangeable with regular air hose. 

Breathing hose is resistant to crushing and kinking, so if someone drives over it or stands on it, it will not cut the air supply off.


Replace Lenses as Necessary

Your Nova 3 helmet has several different types of lenses:

  1. Inner Lens
  2. Outer Lens
  3. Tear-Off Lens
  4. OR the Cassette Lens System

What is the cassette lens system? Each cassette lens system consist of 5 tear off lenses sealed to one outer lens for your Nova 3 blast helmet. This simply makes it easier to install.

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Nova 3 lens diagram

Watch the following videos for installation instructions.

For full details, please see the Nova 3 Instruction Manual.