Pinch valve is not opening or closing

Troubleshooting steps for when your pinch valve is stuck.

  1. Put the machine in the blowdown position.
  2. Does the pressure gauge on the bottom left side of the control box read 80?
  3. Are all fittings tightly secured to the deadman and the back of the box?
  4. Is air bleeding out of the deadman?


  1. Unscrew the green hose from the control box.
  2. Depress the deadman and verify air is coming out of the green hose.

If air is coming out of green hose:

  1. Remove control box front panel and follow instructions for cleaning the Parker valve.
  2. Be sure that the O-Rings on the piston are not torn. If torn, order Parker valve repair kit. This part number is located on control box back panel.


  1. Remove red hose from deadman to verify if air is coming out of it.
  2. If no air is coming out, unscrew the red hose from control box and verify air coming out of it. There will be.
  3. Remedy: Air line needs to be blown out to clean debris in line, and check to see if seat disk is worn.

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