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Adjusting Blast Pressure (VIDEO)

Adjusting blast pressure is important to blast a variety of substrates. This machine can be tough or gentle.

The Dustless Blasting system allows you to easily change the blast pressure by turning one simple knob. The higher the pressure is, the higher your productivity. Obviously lower pressures are more gentle on whatever substrate you're blasting. If you need to blast on softer material or very thin metal, lowering the pressure is a good idea to prevent damage.

A clockwise rotation of the pressure regulator knob will increase the pressure, while a counter clockwise rotation will lower pressure. If you try to lower the pressure while the blast tank is pressurized, you'll need to either have someone blast simultaneously, or just open the blowdown valve slightly to release some of that pressure. The video above will show you how to adjust the blast pressure.

Learn about when to use different blast pressure here.

Purchase replacement pressure regulators.

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