Winterizing / Freeze Protection of the Dustless Blasting Machine (VIDEO)

How to store your machine in cold weather and prevent damage from freezing.


Can you blast in the wintertime? Click here for tips on how to wet blast in freezing weather.

Whether you're storing your machine for just the night, or for the whole winter season, take these precautions to prevent damage from freezing.

Open ball valves

Compressed air tends to create moisture. If there is a chance of freezing overnight, open all of the ball valves on your unit. This prevents moisture from freezing and expanding inside the valves, which could risk cracking them.

Drain water pump 

Operate the pump until no additional water comes out of the discharge.  If water is allowed to stay in the upper manifold, it may freeze.


No need to drain leftover media

If you have leftover material in the blast pot, you don't need to drain it. You can take the two bolts off the flange at the bottom of the machine (where the air inlet body connects). Just leave this loose overnight. In the event that it freezes, it will be easy to flush out the frozen water and media.

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