Summer Compressor Maintenance (VIDEO)

Keep your air compressor running cool and at peak performance all summer long.

Keep Fins and Radiator Clean

Depending on how often you use the machine, once every few weeks or once a month, you should flush out the radiator fins. If they are plugged up with dirt and debris it’ll inhibit the airflow that cools the engine. 

All you need to do is use either a garden hose or a pressure washer to wash the fins clean, from the outside in.

Some of our older machines come with APT compressors, on which the alternator is right behind the radiator. If you plan to pressure wash the radiator fins on an APT compressor, simply put a piece of cardboard in front of the alternator to protect it. You can always use compressed air instead, and not worry about protecting the alternator.

Check Coolant Levels

After cleaning the radiator, now is a great time to check your coolant levels and top off if needed.

Prolong the life of your air filter

All compressors have air intake filters, which are to be changed at regular service intervals. If you are not yet due for a change but notice your machine running poorly (i.e. losing pressure), you should check the air filters.

All of our compressor models have 4 air intake filters - 2 for the engine and 2 for the compressor. Find and remove both the engine air filters and the compressor air filters, and simply shake any dust or debris out. You can also use compressed air to clean these, but be gentle. These air filters are just made of paper, and high pressure air could damage them. Never clean the air filter with water.

This will help the compressor maintain a good running pressure until it's time to change the filter.

Visually Inspect your Compressor

Go through and check your connecting hoses for leaks or cracks. After that, check all the mounting bolts as well as fittings to make sure everything is tight and hasn’t vibrated loose.

Change the oil at recommended intervals

Read our full article here about changing the compressor oil and changing the engine oil on a Rotair compressor. 

Always refer to your user manual

Refer to the appropriate user manual for the maintenance schedule of your machine — when to replace the oil, fuel, and air filters etc. Find your user manual here.

Ordering Compressor Maintenance Parts

Rotair compressor maintenance parts can be ordered from the Dustless Blasting Online Parts Store or by contacting Elgi Compressors at or (704) 523-4123.