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Switching from Wet to Dry Blasting

Your machine is capable of blasting wet, dry, or with soda. Learn how to switch to dry blasting here.

There are some occasions where dry blasting is more appropriate than wet blasting, like if you have to use an abrasive that floats in water (e.g. plastic bead, walnut shell, or corn cob) or an abrasive that is water soluble (e.g. soda).

It can also be a good option in freezing weather. Learn more about cold weather blasting here.

Here is how to prepare your machine for dry blasting.

  1. Blast all media and water out of machine.
  2. Remove fill cap.
  3. Turn on air coolers and dryers.
  4. Open air inlet valve halfway and let air circulate through machine for 5-7 min or until it is completely dry (very important).
  5. Put fill cap back on machine and pressurize tank.
  6. Run air through the machine just like you were blasting for 2-3 min.
  7. Shine light in machine to be sure all moisture is gone from the bottom.
  8. If no moisture, fill with 1 bag of dry abrasive. Be sure there are no issues, and then fill the remainder of the way.

Note: If you are in a humid area, you may also need to drain the filter regulator drain and the moisture trap drain, as shown in this article.

Choosing the Right Abrasive

Learn about the pros and cons of different blasting media types and which projects you should use them for here.


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